Thursday, October 18, 2007


Hello, this is my friend name Boomer.He looks like Taylor.He is 10 ears old.He is very funny. He just had an operation but he is feeling much better. Get well soon.
Love Scooby

Sunday, October 14, 2007


Hi everybody, this is my cat sister, Monet. Yes, dogs can have sisters that are cats. I have two sisters that are cats, Monet and Renoir and one brother named Julio who is also a cat. Monet loves to go outside and sit on the fence post. This is her favorite place to sit when I am chasing her, WOOF, WOOF! I play with the cats all the time but I never hurt them. I think they like to play with me but sometimes they get mad. Monet has a very fast right paw, OUCH...

Celebrating Taylor's Birthday

On August 9th we celebrated Taylor's 13th Birthday. We opened presents, ate vanilla icecream and played get the teddybear. Taylor can still party.
We had company come from Maryland to help celebrate Tayor's Birthday. Alena's friend from Russia, Olya came to visit us and had a great time at Taylor's party. Taylor is the best big sister a dog can have. I love her very much. Taylor and I had a great time. The icecream was very good, YUMMMMMMMMM.......
Talk to you soon, Love Scooby