Saturday, January 26, 2008

Big love

Hi everyone. This is my boyfriend his name is Samson. He comes over to play with me everyday. He can't catch me I am faster than him. He is big boy, isn't he? I think he is very handsome. I love him very much. I think he likes me too.

Love Scooby


Hi it's me Scooby. This is Taylor, you remember her she's my sister. Taylor just finished opening her presents on Christmas and is now resting. My Christmas was great. It was first Christmas with my new family. How was your Christmas?

Sorry I have not written in a long time but we (my Family and I ) were very busy getting ready for Christmas. Lots of shopping, my favorite thing to do. I got lots of presents, I must been very good. I will talk you soon. Bye everyone.

Your friend Scooby