Saturday, September 13, 2008

Taylor and Toby

It's me Scooby. This is Taylor and her good friend Toby. It's always good to have a nap everyday. Taylor and Toby have been friends for many, many years . And I am sure that Toby misses Taylor. Taylor has more friends than you humans could ever ask for. Toby loves Taylor. Everybody loves Taylor. She was the best dog ever. Ok, I gotta go. I'll talk to you soon. BYE EVERYBODY
Your friend Scooby Doo



It's me Scooby. I have very bad news. Do you remember Taylor? Taylor died three weeks ago and I really miss her, but she made to her 14th Birthday. My cat misses her so much because she always rubs against her and sleeps with her. My grandma misses her too. Grandma had Taylor for 14 years. I know Taylor is happy now because she is with her best friend Caley and her other friends in doggy heaven like Daisey. Taylor had good life with me. I really miss her. I LOVE TAYLOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We love Taylor.

Love Scooby