Sunday, September 27, 2009

New Audition To The Family

Hey guys,

Guess what??? I have a new sister. Her name is Summer. she is about 1. She is Lab mixed with German Shepperd. She is so cute. And we really get along. We got her from the Babylon Shelter. She was found in Deer Park by my moms friend and then they put her to the shelter and we got very lucky with her. She is very nice and very sweet. Sometimes she gets to excited and she goes wiled. She loves people, cats and she loves to go to the dogs parks. Everyone loves Summer. But we have to work on her jumping. Shes only 1 and she doesn't know what she is doing. Summer knows a lot of tricks. She knows to sit, paw and come. That's very good for her and we just got her. Its good to have her as my sister. And Sampson loves her too but I'm little jealous because I think Sampson likes her more than me. Ill try to control myself.

Talk to you soon
Scooby Doo


Joan Taber said...

Hi Scooby and Summer,
Best wishes from Juno and Saki.

alena said...

Best wishes to you too Saki and Juno. Scoobydoo